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Oh goodness

Posted on 2009.02.23 at 20:43

I don't understand how people can stay warm with just a hoodie, when I'm bundled up more than a wonton. I was using Matt as a shield when we were waiting for the bus.

I'm glad to start drawing again. It feels good. :)
Cilantro always seem more like Matt, and I seem like Sesame (hence the picture).



Posted on 2009.02.21 at 14:51

The new DSi!

-DSi is 12% or 2.6 millimeters slimmer than the Lite
-External 3 Megapixel camera (for 640 x 480 pixel pictures)
-.3 Megapixel VGA camera located on the hinge, directed towards the user (able to edit pictures using the touchscreen)
-Full music playback functionality, including adjustable pitch and playback speed
-Both screens have been expanded to 3.25 inches
-SD memory card slot is included, and there'll be on-board memory also
-Will ship with an built-in Nintendo DS web browser
-DSi will allow users to download games from DSWare, a new service that operates with Nintendo Points
-Logging onto DSWare for the first time will grant users 1,000 free Nintendo Points
-DSWare comes in four pricing categories: free (!), 200 Nintendo Points, 500 Nintendo Points, and 800 Nintendo Points
-Will come in lovely matte white and matte black

So cool! :)

My Valentine's day under cut
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Posted on 2009.02.06 at 06:53
Happy 4 month anniversary. :)

I only took an one hour nap because I have a mock test today in Chemistry. Poo.

Yesterday, I went to San Antonio with Matthew to see his parents.
His parents took us out for Sushi Zushi and then gelato afterwards. It was my first time going to a sushi restaurant! I liked it a lot, so now I crave MOARRRR. >__<;;

I wonder what today would bring. :)


Posted on 2009.01.25 at 17:08
Why does Sechuna tempt me so? :'(

Things are going alright. College started and I've been studying.
I was going to room with Mona and whoever for next semester, but she just now told me she is going to room with her boyfriend. =_=;;
That is not too good of an idea because if they break up, they can't move out because they signed a lease.

I don't know what to do. I barely have any friends that are girls. :(

I'm going to look at pretty clothes to make me feel better. >_<;


Posted on 2009.01.14 at 02:53
I have two new pairs of shoes. xD;;

I bought a java brown/tan pair of Pumas from Journey's to replace my 6 year old Vans.
I was thinking of recommitting to Vans again, but these just caught my eye!
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I bought a pair of nice, casual dress shoes for times I'm willing to present myself better than my usual jeans and hoodie. Haha.
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They are pretty comfortable and I like it because it has a heel, but not high enough to break my ankle. I got them at Payless. :)

I'm going to start keeping a scrapbook of what Bear and I do together.

Sometimes I start too many crafts at the same time. It's a bad habit. :(


Posted on 2009.01.13 at 02:27
The weather is insane! I'm super cold but good thing my big brown bear is here to visit me. :)

I finally got my schedule fixed and bought textbooks. Even though all of them were used it costs $300! Freaking insane. Even after a year and a half of buying textbooks, I will never get over how expensive they are.

We went to the mall and I bought some Bare Minerals foundation and blush (Giddy Pink). It works really well! This guy named Joe helped me and he praised my skin- he, himself, had EXTREMELY nice eyebrows.
I can't wait to get dressed up and wear the make up on a date with him. :)
At the mall, I couldn't really find anything I wanted. After hours, I just bought a high-waisted skirt and a blouse.
I mainly just went and looked at the rabbits in the pet store because I miss babies dearly.

Meet Cilantro's new girlfriend: Sesame!


Posted on 2009.01.07 at 03:19
Maybe I can put this to good use. :)

Mr. Bear came to my house today to deliver the lucky pack(s) he bought me for Christmas. It was extremely sweet of him and to my surprise, the lucky pack had extremely good items compared to what I saw in the past!

I'll show what I got under cut!
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